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Corsi 2018

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McKenzie Buchanan Henderson

Zoe had her last day of K-4 today. She is speaking and understanding more and more Italian thanks to Maestra Carmen and Bea Zoe loves you both! Thank you Istituto Froebel see you next year


Tracey Mitchell Neill

Better late than never! Here are a few pictures from Jackson's amazing birthday party. He loves cooking so this was the perfect idea for him! Istituto Froebel


Gilda Guerriero‎

Grazie mille per la splendida esperienza che avete fatto vivere ai nostri piccpli stamattina


Lindsey Thompson

Mother's Day brunch at school with my girl to include sushi and champagne!‪#‎onlyinitaly ‪#‎lunchwithzozo ‪#‎imsospoiled

Jennifer Conte

5 maggio · Aversa ·

Happy Mother's Day

Grazie Istituto Froebel è stata una mattinata favolosa.


Cassie Staeheli

4 maggio · Instagram ·

Oh this little boy. He has my heart. Mother's Day special at school. Italian singing, planting, heart crowns, four course lunch with champagne...major meltdown at lunch and playing under the table 75% of the time. Let's be honest this is's beautiful in every way. ‪#‎wouldnttradeitfortheworld ‪#‎yearofsimplehappiness ‪#‎shaneboy


Cassie Staeheli

29 aprile · Aversa ·

They may not speak the same language but their friendship is something special and sweet😍 ‪#‎yearofsimplehappiness ‪#‎italianfriend ‪#‎sweetkids


Cassie Staeheli

29 aprile · Aversa ·

Early Mother's Day brunch...sushi, champagne and cute kiddos. How did they know?!? ‪#‎yearofsimplehappiness ‪#‎italiansdoitbetter ‪#‎champagnelunch‪#‎sweetkids ‪#‎mothersday


Sue Redente McNellis

23 marzo ·

Today we said tearful goodbyes to the teachers and staff at Brooklyns school. They have been with her for three years and have seen her grow. We loved our time at the school and are so grateful for the love they have for her. Thank you Istituto Froebel Melanie Gimenez Warren Michele Imma Di GiorgioMusto Danila Galdieri Maria Rosaria Galdieri and her favorite Maestra Maria. We will miss you


Melissa Ford So sad - I cried buckets when we drove away from Froebel!

Dawn Marie con Tim Arbour.

16 marzo ·

This makes me really excited to enroll Trenton and Charley in the multilingual school, Istituto Froebel, while we are in Italy! I've heard nothing but great things from parents whose children attend the school, most say their children can speak better Italian than they do! 😄


Brad N Kristin Fancher

26 febbraio ·

My 8 year old is reading a CHAPTER BOOK in ITALIAN!!!! Wow I'm very impressed


Melissa Ford Moritsch

19 febbraio · Gricignano d'Aversa ·

Today was a field trip to a bubble and magic show in downtown Napoli followed by a pizza lunch. It was a fantastic day with a fantastic group...ALL 145 of us!!


Cassie Staeheli

8 febbraio · Aversa ·

Somehow every year we luck out and land perfect teachers! Maestro Carolina will never truly understand what she has done for Brooke. She helped her transition during her first and possibly hardest move overseas. She's taught her how to speak Italian, enjoy the culture, make friends with others, have confidence and give hugs at the drop of a dime. Teachers don't realize what they do for military kids however as a parent my gratitude is overflowing. They've loved our children in some of their hardest hours as if they were their own. ‪#‎yearofsimplehappiness ‪#‎froebel ‪#‎italianlife‪#‎growingupnavy


Brad N Kristin Fancher con Istituto Froebel presso

5 febbraio ·

Heading to Carnevale at school


Laura Belle

1 febbraio ·

3rd party for my 3 year old (and done!) at Istituto Froebel! So much fun. Such a cute little class.


Melissa Ford Moritsch

24 dicembre 2015 · Aversa ·

Today was Christmas lunch at the kids school with the parents! Wonderful time especially once they popped the prosecco and paraded the panettone! After we were treated to a magic show. Amazing! Grazie Mille Istituto Froebel! Buon natale e felice anno nuovo!!


Jennifer Conte ha aggiunto 2 nuove foto.

23 dicembre 2015 · Aversa ·

Grazie Istituto Froebel anche Quest' anno vi siete superatiiiiiiiii

Grazie alla mia bellissima figlia

Dalla vita non potrei chiedere altro!!!


Cassie Staeheli con Istituto Froebel.

23 dicembre 2015 ·

Rosella is honestly a blessing! She loves sweet Shane to pieces!!!


Cassie Staeheli con Istituto Froebel presso Istituto Froebel.

23 dicembre 2015 · Aversa ·

Last year at this time I would have never dreamt my life to be here in Naples. The love I've felt today while at my kids school makes me believe that we are in the right place in life...with the perfect people. ‪#‎yearofgratitude‪#‎fromnapleswithlove ‪#‎buonnatale ‪#‎tistheseason


Stefania Savarese con Francesco Castaldo e altre 2 persone.

21 dicembre 2015 ·

...momenti che restano così impressi nella mente...


Katie Holmgren Heckelsberg con Istituto Froebel.

18 dicembre 2015 ·

Nolan is in love with Maestra Maria and so are we. She has been such a great fit for him.


Laura Belle .

17 dicembre 2015 ·

Nash's concert! Amazing job k5 and Istituto Froebel's Maestre Carolina and Maria!!


Andrea Castaldo  emozionata presso Istituto Froebel.

17 dicembre 2015 · Aversa ·

Che dolcissimo buongiorno!

Xmas is coming at Istituto Froebel


Melissa Ford Moritsch con Istituto Froebel.

25 novembre 2015 · Gricignano d'Aversa ·

Cooper approves of the new uniform!


Cassie Staeheli con Istituto Froebel.

25 novembre 2015 · Instagram

Shane stop it. Your so stinking cute even in a uniform and Brooke your molto bella (very beautiful) as always. Love the new winter uniforms.️#yearofgratitude ‪#‎fromnapleswithlove ‪#‎YOUARECUTE ‪#‎bello ‪#‎bella


Sue Redente McNellis

20 novembre 2015 ·

What a great way to share our holidays and traditions with the kids at Brooklyns school. They had a blast. Thanks Istituto Froebel.


Melissa Ford Moritsch .

20 novembre 2015 · Gricignano d'Aversa ·

Today was another great day with Istituto Froebel! Thanksgiving "dinner" for all!!


Melissa Ford Moritsch .

19 novembre 2015 · Aversa ·

Today was cinema day at Istituto Froebel. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was shown to all the classes. They have been using the week to integrate Thanksgiving stories, crafts, activities and foods. Such a wonderful experience for all the students, faculty and parents! And tomorrow we will feast on a 17 kg turkey!!! Mamma Mia!


Melissa Ford Moritsch ha condiviso un ricordo.

18 novembre 2015 ·

Two years ago today my kids began their adventure at an Italian school. They both speak fantastic English now and Cooper reads and writes in Italian. Almost like it's his first language! ;) Grazie mille Istituto Froebel!!!


Brad N Kristin Fancher

6 novembre 2015 · Gricignano d'Aversa ·

I LOVE being a Istituto Froebel Mommy😍Thank you so much!


Raffaela Piccolo ha condiviso un ricordo.

10 settembre 2015 ·

Un grosso in bocca al lupo al nuovo anno scolastico che inizia... ed un ringraziamento speciale a voi Istituto Froebel per quello che avete fatto negli anni passati e per quello che farete nei prossimi!!! Ma soprattutto grazie per l'ambiente stimolante e formativo che garantite ai miei figli... sempre entusiasti di ricominciare la scuola!!!


Marilina Marciano con Istituto Froebel.

7 settembre 2015 ·

Si ricomincia 📚

Buon anno scolastico piccoli miei.


‎Barbara Cesaro‎ a Istituto Froebel

18 luglio 2015 ·

Un campo scuola esemplare... Grazie a voi continuo a dare il meglio alla mia piccola... Grazie! Istituto Froebel

— con Giovanna Palumbo.


Tammy Layton — con  Istituto Froebel.

30 giugno 2015 ·

Last Day of School celebrated with gelato!.


Lindsey Thompson con Istituto Froebel.

26 giugno 2015 · Instagram

Zoey adores her teacher! She had a wonderful first school year here in Italy!


Brad N Kristin Fancher con Istituto Froebel presso Froebel International School.

24 giugno 2015 · Aversa ·

Our oldest GRAD!!! 😘🎉😩


Brad N Kristin Fancher con Istituto Froebel presso Froebel International School.

24 giugno 2015 · Aversa ·

JJ is a FIRST GRADER!!! 😘🎉😩


Brad N Kristin Fancher con Istituto Froebel.

24 giugno 2015 · Gricignano d'Aversa ·

My baby graduated the 3 year old room! Woohoo!!!🎉💜😘


Tina Chavira Mier‎ a Istituto Froebel

15 giugno 2015 ·

Thank you Istituto Froebel for 3 wonderful years. Juliana will miss you all.


Melissa Ford

15 giugno 2015 ·

Today, driving away from Istituto Froebel, I made up a new word- flowverdrive- when the tears won't stop flowing because you are leaving Italy- most especially where my kiddos go to school!


Argelia Urbiola Zaucha  fiera con Joe Zaucha.

12 giugno 2015 · Washington, Stati Uniti d'America ·

Today is Grace's last day as a 4th grader. Wow! Time does fly! I miss her like crazy and I am so proud of her! Go baby G!!!!!!!

Thank you Istituto Froebel , teachers and staff for being so great!!!!!!



Jose Amaro con Istituto Froebel.

12 giugno 2015 ·

Our kids just completed their first year at an Italian school and I am so glad we made the decision to send them to Istituto Froebel. They received a quality education, immersed in a new culture and language with a faculty and staff that really cares about our kids' well-being. Great school and people.



Melissa Ford Moritsch .

9 giugno 2015 · Gricignano d'Aversa ·

Istituto Froebel K4 teacher gifts and sad farewell to Claire and Adam.



Megan Lenz Jeffries .

29 maggio 2015 ·

Today was the kids' last day of school here in Italy. Tears were shed and we all said ''arrivederci' (which is not just goodbye, but until we meet again).Istituto Froebel has been a wonderful experience. Grazie mille!!



Jennifer Conte‎ a Istituto Froebel

20 maggio 2015 · Formia ·

Pigiamino's day 😘😄



Milena Petrazzuolo .

20 maggio 2015 ·

Today is...pijamas day Istituto Froebel




Camila Dantas con Istituto Froebel.

7 maggio 2015 ·

Non c'è prezzo! ‪#‎amoremio ‪#‎bravissima ‪#‎festadellamamma



Marilina Marciano  è emozionata.

2 aprile 2015 ·

Classificata al terzo posto al concorso " competizione di scrittura". ConIstituto Froebel



Elizabeth Simmons

1 aprile 2015 ·

Grazie mille per questa bellissima arte Pasqua da Aiden. Questo deve aver preso così tanto tempo e pazienza di fare! Lo adoro! Buona Pasqua, Istituto Froebel, !!

This is Art that came home with Aiden today... notice how the ears and feet are Aiden's footprints! This much have taken so much time for his teachers to make with him... It is so cute, I LOVE it! I'm framing it tomorrow!




Melissa Ford Moritsch

21 novembre 2014 ·

I had the opportunity to help out with a Thanksgiving craft in Samantha's class today and to spend time in Cooper's. I ate lunch with them both and stayed for the afternoon. It was so fun to see them with their friends in school and to hear them speaking Italian with their Italian classmates. And I was even able to understand most of what 4 and 5 years olds say in Italian! Thank you Istituto Froebel!




P.w. Anderson ha condiviso una foto .

5 novembre 2014 ·

We were proud to be Instituto Froebel students for Halloween!!



Fiorillo Elena

31 ottobre 2014 ·

Dolcetto o scherzetto .......a scuola di Gennj Istituto Froebel


Marilina Marciano con Istituto Froebel.

3 settembre 2014 ·

Pronti x il primo giorno di scuola .


Angelica Cagley

12 giugno 2014 · Napoli ·

Bittersweet morning as the girls went to school for the last day to take their teachers their end of year gifts. Last day of italian school at Istituto Froebel! :( The school has been awesome for the past 2 years, and has given the girls such great memories of their time in Italy. They both have come away speaking and understanding italian, and have such insight into the culture. Savanah completed her 6th grade year with flying colors, excelling in math and improving in geography, science, and of course italian language...all subjects taught IN italian too! Sierra has learned to write in cursive, to read in italian, and loves to do math! We are grateful for the fantastic teachers for all their dedication and efforts. We will miss this school! This also marks the beginning of a new teaching opportunity for me as I prepare to homeschool the girls for the up-coming school year! So even though I am shocked at the fact that I have an up-coming 7th grader (!!) I 'm looking forward to being her intro to middle school next year :p Heres to the end of the school year, and the start of a fun summer for all!!!



Valerie Funk

12 giugno 2014 · Qualiano ·

Summer!!! Mixed emotions for my sweet big girl! She was crying after dinner tonight about leaving Istituto Froebel! She loves the school and the community. She wishes she could always go there! She has learned so much, been challenged academically! This mama is so happy for summer though! Ready to make some amazing memories our last summer in Italia!



Stefania Savarese con Istituto Froebel.

19 maggio 2014 ·



Samantha Santamaria

30 aprile 2014 · Gricignano d'Aversa ·

Today is a very sad day! This is Ethan and Lincoln's last day at Istituto Froebel! This school has been amazing to my children. Ethan is very sad and doesn't really understand fully that he will no longer attend this school. When I explained to him that he is going to America he thought he was going to another Italian school in America and I said no! He frown and said well I don't like the pasta in America hahaha Ethan has really adopt and embrace the Italian culture! He has been in Italians schools since he was 2. This is kind of heart breaking for me, because I've never had to jump from school to school. Although military children are the strongest and can adapt quickly to changes I feel this is still going to be hard! I'm very thankful for Ethan's to wonderful teachers!


Raquel Chizek We were really sad to take the girls out, too. Amanda was convinced she was Italian...she went to school with Italians, loved Italian food and she spoke Italian...she was confused when I told her she was from San Diego! We love that school and still miss it!!!!



Megan Lenz Jeffries

4 aprile 2014 ·

Looking good on No Uniform Day Istituto Froebel.


Tatiana N Novitskaya Green

4 aprile 2014 ·

Friday - free dress up day at Istituto Froebel , Martin chose tie and red converse :-D



Teri Sellers-Nellis  Istituto Froebel.

24 gennaio 2014 ·



Another random picture I found while cleaning!! Keeley must really love her school !



Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Joe Zaucha e Istituto Froebelpresso Istituto Froebel.

20 gennaio 2014 · Aversa ·

Grace's third grade classroom learned more about recycling with the help of the Faculty of Architecture in Aversa :)




‎Claire Blackwell‎ a Istituto Froebel

3 dicembre 2013 ·

It was the girls last day of school today. More than an education, Froebel has offered the girls a chance to speak another language... for them to eat vast quantities of great home cooked food daily... for all our children to be loved, hugged and kissed daily like only an Italian could... it got me out of our safe, quiet but sometimes dull American environment and into Italy where I've enjoyed finding new places in Italy and shopping without my children, and then I've got to pick them up happy at the end having enjoyed their day and scuola. With the growth of our daughter from young toddlers into little girls, our family has changed a lot and preschool has been a large part of that... you'll be missed Froebel.




Tracy Paulino tramite Arturo Paulino Photography

2 dicembre 2013 ·

wonderful school - GREAT program! Thanks Istituto Froebel




Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Joe Zaucha e Istituto Froebel.

31 ottobre 2013 ·

BlackBerry Smartphones App


Kuddos to Grace's school for decorating so nicely for Halloween! I am sure the kids will have a blast :)




Angelica Cagley .

31 ottobre 2013 · Aversa ·

Halloween Party at School! Sharing traditions with Italians=fun times!


Tina Chavira Mier con Juan Chavira e Istituto Froebel.

5 settembre 2013 ·

Happy to be back to school. Sporting a new hair cut. Luv my big girl.


Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Joe Zaucha e Istituto Froebel.

3 settembre 2013 ·

BlackBerry Smartphones App


Dropped Grace off at her school. She is officially a 3rd grader!!! So proud of her :) Time flies!



Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Joe Zaucha.

12 luglio 2013 ·

My beautiful pride and joy Gracie amazed me one more time. Her final grades for the 2nd grade at Istituto Froebel were excellent! Having her in an Italian school was the best choice for us. We are so glad we did it. Looking forward for the 3rd grade starting in September.



Argelia Urbiola Zaucha

3 giugno 2013 ·

BlackBerry Smartphones App


Super proud of my Grace. She was awesome at her performance the teachers & school staff did an excellent job! great team work among the american community :)


Tina Barretta‎ a Istituto Froebel

19 aprile 2013 ·

una nuova esperienza per le mie bimbe andare a scuola con il pigiama , oggi pigiama day tutte entusiaste thank you



Jennifer Lava con Andrew Lava.

8 aprile 2013 ·

My Hailey made it into the local monthly magazine here; just a little 15 minutes of fame. I'm pretty sure it's cuz she's so stinkin cute! This was the December edition, in an article about the kids' Italian school, Istituto Froebel. Click on the link below and go to page 54, the second to last page in the magazine. YAY Hailey!


Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Joe Zaucha e Istituto Froebel.

5 aprile 2013 ·

Super proud of my Grace! Had a meeting today with the school principal & her teachers to get her report card. She did extremely well! When one of her teachers called her "bambina modelo" it was music to my heart! God I love that kid soooo much :) I am glad we decided to enroll her @ the Froebel school. It is definitely a good match. I couldn't be happier with the teachers.


Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Joe Zaucha e Istituto Froebel.

1 marzo 2013 ·

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Grace was super excited this morning because of her school trip to the science museum :)


Bennet Burt

18 febbraio 2013 ·

How does anyone afford daycare in London... $1400 a month per child? really? I hate London already. I never thought I would WANT to stay in Naples. Can I just leave my children at Istituto Froebel while we are in the UK? Uggg



Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Joe Zaucha

15 febbraio 2013 ·

BlackBerry Smartphones App


So proud of my Gracie! I enjoyed spending all morning with her at her school. I am very happy with the teachers & staff :)



Erin Clutts Pearson con Istituto Froebel.

23 dicembre 2012 · Monte di Procida ·  

 · Brennan's Christmas concert at his Italian school. He is slightly visible in the sea of children.

Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Istituto Froebel e Joe Zaucha.

22 dicembre 2012 ·

Gracie with her American & Italian classmates. Her 2nd grade teachers are wonderful :)


Argelia Urbiola Zaucha con Istituto Froebel.

21 novembre 2012 ·

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Volunteering @ Grace's school :0)





Bethany Sullivan con  Istituto Froebel.

25 febbraio 2012 ·

This is Carter's class with the exception of the smaller kids on the floor (the little boy on the left, and all the kids sitting are in younger classes; the boy in the green sweatshirt, girl in the green shirt, and girl in the pink shirt are all in Carter's class). The teacher on the left is his main classroom teacher - Maestra Rosaria. The teacher on the right is the bilingual teacher who helps with English and Italian in class - Maestra Maggie.



Daniela Pagano‎ a Istituto Froebel

1 settembre 2011 ·

purtroppo quest'anno, causa trasferimento, non saremo dei vostri. Grazie per l'amore e la serietà che ci avete dato in questi anni. Buon anno scolastico a tutto l'equipe. Un affettuso saluto alla bella e brava maestra Angela che mia figlia adora tanto!


Mariagrazia Vincenzo Avallone‎ a Istituto Froebel

30 maggio 2009 ·

tecnologicamente avanzata, zeppa di insegnanti ALTAMENTE qualificati, armati di una grande pazienza e ospitalità aspetta numerosi per una nuova utilissima esperienza..pensate al futuro dei vostri bambini: scegliete froebel bi.!!!!


Mariagrazia Vincenzo Avallone .

8 giugno 2012 · Napoli ·

Naples by froebelbiaversa (gita fantastica)


Tatiana N Novitskaya Green‎ a Istituto Froebel

11 giugno 2013 ·

Some fun after school :)




‎Marilina Marciano‎ a Istituto Froebel

1 settembre 2015 ·

Tantissimi auguri, complimenti x la vostra professionalità e il vostro impegno. La passione x questo lavoro vi contraddistingue. Vi auguro di arrivare sempre più in alto. Lo meritate. Un abbraccio affettuoso












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